Monday, October 14, 2002

hear ye hear ye. curmudgies has been revamped and relocated. e-mail for the new secure location.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

rabbit rabbit

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhh. Tom and Sophie are SO frustrating. They will do and say things they shouldn't. And the more I work with them, the more I want to get back to Max and Justin. M&J will always be my favorites forever. They are my first and my best. I really don't like Tom and Sophie. Well, he's ok but she's just a stupid whore and now I have to redo all her dialogue so she doesn't come across so dumb and bitchy.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

time out

it's sort of strange but last month i decided to step back from my life and assess and reassess everything that has been going on, and only just recently i've been slowly reasserting myself back into my life and i've found that all of the sudden almost everyone i know is doing the same thing. and i'm not saying that I started all this because maybe it's just that time of life for all of us in our mid 20s to stop and take a look at where we are, of course everyone does this at some point, but i kind of get the feeling that my time out - i'd love to say inspired but that sounds retarded - i think it just made everyone around me else think at least a bit. at least i'd like to think i made them think.

what's nice is that it seems like just now everyone is really discovering their niches and getting out and accomplishing things. that's what I liked best about my month sabbatical. i discovered all these new and exciting things and ideas without having to go out and constantly search for entertainment and things to do. i've regained a sense of confidence that was slipping away from me over the years just from the single accomplishment of submitting a contest entry. i think i am better equipped to deal with relationships now. maybe I should have titled this entry harmony and order cause I guess that's what I'm feeling right now. everyone should take some time out. i highly recommend it.

Monday, September 30, 2002

so i got my drink on last night, like i said i would. It took me 2 long islands, a flaming dr pepper (when will i ever learn?), a beer, a quarter amaretto sour, and a jstar set to get my buzz going and then later, a 20 (Asahi Super Dry) to get my ass DRUNK. so now everyone thinks i'm a total lush, which is fine, except i'm not really cause i've really been holed up in my apartment for the past month writing with only the occasional glass of wine or beer just to go with dinner and you all know lushes have much better track records than that. but i'm glad we went to the battle of the bands at cbgb's - we had an awesome time. hopefully, jstar will win. it'll be nice to see them getting more recognition. If you happen to be in the nyc or ct area, check them out; they're good.

so even though i reread walden and other works the other day (fine, you caught me, I skimmed through and reread only certain passages. but who has time to read these things anymore?) and I'm all like, yes! I must simplify! I need to commune with myself! I need to stop reading the news every day because it's useless and just freaking me out! - yeah, so even though all that, I read the times today. There was an article about the poverty problem, particularly in Illinois and how the poverty level is reaching an alarmingly all time high, for the first time in eight years - that the gap between the poor and the rich is the greatest for the first time in eight years and I'm all like - well, GEE, WHAT A COINCIDENCE. Eight years, huh... Well, OBVIOUSLY, there's a reason for that and it has to do with... THEN it's in all the news how our monkey president stupidly admitted in a speech that "our" war with Iraq is really HIS war with Iraq cause saddam hussein took a shot at his daddy.... BUT also, on the other hand, why is saddam allowed to hide his weapons of mass destruction while german students and hippies here are decrying the fact that we are trying to inspect them to make sure he doesn't kill us all? WHILE our soldiers are over there trying to protect and defend us and at the same time, they're worrying that we might not be supporting them because really they're just doing their jobs and following our assmonkey president's orders. I just want to say - can we stage a coup? Aren't those our inalienable rights? We hold these truths to be self evident - that no one wants a monkey for a president. I miss Clinton and his penchant for interns and sex. That was WAY better than any of our problems now. I need to stop reading the news and simplify.

oh, and one other thing that pissed me off. is it just me or did anyone else think that waitress from shoney's (the one that reported those medical students as terrorists) - does anyone else think SHE ought to be fined or jailed for filing a false police report? i mean, COME ON. everyone's going on about how those med students, who probably did try to pull one on her, shouldn't be making jokes but COME ON, LADY. Would terrorists really be discussing, OUT LOUD in ENGISH, in a SHONEY'S, a plot to bring down MIAMI?!?! Who wants to "bring down" Miami anyway? And for chrissakes, her son even told her that they were pulling one on her. that alone should get her arrested for wasting our time and money and resources. Jesus fucking christ. i hate people. And the med students were getting death threats? If anyone deserves that, it would be her. We need to take that woman, dress her up as the statue of liberty, wrap her in the stars and stripes, and drop her ass in tora bora.


Thursday, September 26, 2002

ok, so I never watch ER right, cause I think it sucks. but all week when nbc was on, I'd see the commercial for the season opener, the one about the smallpox outbreak (blah - not a draw at all), and at the end it says how you won't believe "the surprise." so, being a normal human being, even though I hate ER, i'm all like what's the suprise? what's the surprise?

so it's on now - I don't know if I've seen the surprise yet but DUDE, romano's arm + whirling helicopter propeller blades = hella cool shit

that was kind of worth watching it

wait, I just saw the end...i can't believe I just wasted an hour of my life watching that...damnit, why don't i learn?

I stayed up all night so that I could mail it out first thing. Josh was awesome and helped me stay up. Overnight, I learned that Dave Holmes came out (who knew?), switch POV to the character who stands to lose the most in a scene, we now have our own sex museum in NYC, and my homie, the one I got at the A&P on Central, his name is Sapo. He's cool. My head hurts.

My chapter and synopsis will arrive at the office by 12pm tomorrow, so they tell me. I feel like ASS, but in a good way oddly. However, now I have to finish the manuscript in record time, by my standards.

Also, thank you guys for reading, editing, critiquing, encouraging - Greg, Jenny, Josh, Kuls - I love you guys. And that's not the sleep deprivation talking. I did lose like four lbs in the process - almost down to pre-college weight! Whee! Except that my cheapass IKEA scale lies and I'm probably 10 lbs heavier than I think I am. Damnit. Good night!

I am going to get SO drunk this weekend.

Monday, September 23, 2002

oh my god. it's 5:30 am. I'm working on the synopsis (my first one!) for my manuscript which I want to get out by wednesday. a single mosquito has been eating me all night. i have at least 15 itchy and swelling lumps on me. it's so fat from my blood now that I can feel him landing on me but i'm still too slow to kill him. I'm listening to this cheesey cheeseball song with totally christian references (ick). i'm completely delirious but...

I hope you daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance

i hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean
whenever one door closes i hope one more opens
promise me that you'll give faith a fighting a chance
and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance...
I hope you daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance

and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance...

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

me: you know I hate you for gibbing bme this cold.
greg: i knew you would.
me: i can't believe it just cabme on all the sudden. one bminute, I was fine. the next, I'm breadthing through my bmouth and I have fiddy snot filled rags by bmy side.
greg: I know, right?
me: bfucking terrorists.
greg: maybe it's the listeria
me: bfucking terrorists.
greg: achoo
me: bless you
greg: thanks!
me: I still hate you, you know.
greg: :(

Monday, September 16, 2002

August lessons

So, August started off well and then it became a weird and scary month for me. The good stuff: Greg had the month off so we got to play in the burbs, away from my, now, roach infested apartment (more on that later). Got hooked on crosswords, the NY Times puzzles, no less, so feel like my brain got to exercise a little for the first time in a while. Discovered a new gourmet grocery by my parent’s home that has awesome spicy salmon sushi. Got my ass started on a project I’ve been meaning to work on since June (deadlines are good, except when they come up too soon). Saw an amazing concert but could not completely enjoy it due to some of the weird stuff. Got hooked on warcraft. Night elves rule.

The bad and the weird: my dad had a heart attack. My mother woke me up that morning when she got the call and from her reaction, I thought that my father had died or something. I’d never been so frightened in my entire life, including last Sept. Thank (who do I thank? I don’t believe in god) whoever my dad was working that morning in the ER but it turned out that he’d been having pains since the night before and didn’t really think anything of it. Doctors. In short, after spending a week in the CU, he’s at home now and doing fine. His diet is restricted and of course he persists in raising his blood pressure in protest. During the whole situation, my mother was a basket case. And when my dad got home, she tried to give him another heart attack because she is crazy. So basically we kind of disowned each other (me disowning her for trying to kill my dad and her disowning me because she’s crazy). I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t written about her in previous blogs. The woman is crazy. I mean CRAZY. It’s not diagnosable or treatable but it’s there. More on her later I’m sure. Actually, I’m sure I’ll write a book just about her as some kind of self-therapy in the near future. So it was kind of weird to be taking care of her (before the mutual disownment) while visiting my dad, reading up on cardiac health, taking care of the house and remembering to eat sometime during the day. Another thing that happened shortly before this was that I had some kind of weird misunderstanding with a friend and I don’t understand what happened except that it seems that we aren’t really friends anymore, at least as good friends as we were before this, and it makes me really sad. I think I would have been able to clear up the misunderstanding if the timing hadn’t been bad, with my dad and the deadline coming up and all. But on the other hand, I’m kind of angry about it because I feel like I am being punished for something I don’t even know I did.

So, what have I learned this month? Good health is tenuous. Friendships, even old ones, are tenuous. Only deadlines are certain. Spending time with your father is good, and should be done often and not just because he almost died recently.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

So, I’ve decided that Sept 11 is much like a birthday, but even more so and much much more horrible that any birthday anyone could ever have...unless their birthday is on sept 11...which I guess doubly sucks for them. Everyone remembers where they were last Sept 11, what they were doing, and more acutely, how they were feeling. And everyone on its first anniversary, today, probably spent some time remembering these things.

This morning I woke up and reflected on the changes in my life since a year ago today and for the most part, the symptoms, they seem bad and the rest, I can’t make really make out a opinion on them. Since Sept 11 of last year, often, I will wake up suddenly or just randomly wonder if I made the whole thing up in my head. When this happens, sometimes I will talk to someone or check online until I hear or see the phrase 9/11 just to confirm. A couple of times I’ve walked up to the roof of my apartment to check the downtown skyline, just in case. Always, I find it is true, it did happen and I did not indeed make the whole thing up in my head. Although I wish I had.

Everyday since, I check the news, be it online on websites like 1010wins or cnn, or on tv, usually first thing in the morning. This is just manifestation of my general feeling of doom, that something very bad is going to happen today and I am checking to see if it’s happened yet. At least once a week or two, I have nightmares about the world ending or NY being destroyed. Some people call this posttraumatic stress syndrome. Well, whatever you call it, I don't see it going away in this day and world, the way things are going.

Those are just the symptoms. As for the changes, I can’t say. Everyone’s bubble of safety has been burst. Everyone is sad, angry, frightened. We are all different now but somehow we’re all the same. I’d like to think that we will all come out of this better somehow. Yet somehow I’m afraid that we haven’t and won’t ultimately. What about the petty squabbles that every one still engages in? What about the asshole that robbed a couple of apartments on my floor a few months ago? What about friends who turn their backs on friends in misunderstandings? What happened to that prevailing human spirit of kindness, understanding, and generosity that conquered all in the days following last sept 11? That didn’t last too long. And I'm not talking about the charities, the heroes, the ones that try to make a difference. I'm talking about all the rest of us.

I mean hooray for prevailing, arguably, human spirit and all but where is that going to get us? Where is that going to get the next US soldier killed in the line of duty? Why are we still so petty and stupid? Humans are so stupid. Sometimes I hate us.

So this day has come and gone with no big explosions or horrific acts to mark it…again. And tomorrow, first thing, I’m going to check to make sure…again.

Friday, August 02, 2002

Finished making my mixes. Last minute shopping all done. Off to Ithaca for a couple of days. Smell you later!

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

To no end

Ehee. Check it out. From the referral urls on site meter, I found out that a search done on "Washington Heights sucks" turns up my blog! Way too funny, especially after all the bitching I just did. (rubbing hands in glee). I wonder who would type in a search like that and why?

Highlights of the past week include: going to Sheffield Island, a 30-40 min fery ride from Norwalk, CT, for a clambake last Thursday with the usual suspects. I went and, right up to the very last minute before I spotted my friends, was expecting the whole experience to suck but you know what, it didn't. Quite the opposite. We had a completely relaxing and fun romp around the island and took probably over a hundred pics with our dig and nondig cameras. We even spotted a deer which later ran right in front of us! Lobster dinner was perfect. Weather was perfect. Creepy lighthouse was not bad either (definitely not as creepy as the haunted cabin we stayed at in Ithaca last year). We are definitely going again some day - just need to remember the champagne and a disk! Totally worth the $45 for us city folk.

Jonathan came to visit which reminds me the last time he came to visit, last fall, we ate at Tad's and Jonathan, being the lightning quick eater he is, swallowed the 24 oz t-bone in record time. Then, he puked it up in its entirety 15 minutes later. This time, we took him to Brazillian bbq for all you can eat meat. Meat is good (I hope this doesn't turn up in any searches for porn sites). My favorites that day were the beef ribs and the sirloin steak. Risotto at the salad bar was also fucking good. Luckily, Jonathan didn't puke this time, although we were all wishing we we could eat more meat. Mmm...all you can eat. I stole a napkin fill of cheese bread balls to bring home since those fuckers won't let you take them. (shit - "swallowed", "meat", " balls", "fuckers", "meat is good", "eat", "fucking", "bone" maybe "puking".... they are DEFINITELY going to turn my site up in some porn search.) So anyway, spent the rest of his visit playing Starcraft and now we all have a renewed interest in the game. Starcraft rules, I tell you. Since Jonathan's been here, we've gotten an additional 2 pple (who have never played before) hooked. Playing over is way cool.

Actually got up Sunday morning to stand in line for tickets for Shakespeare in the Park, this year - Twelfth Night. Last time I went, for the Tempest, many years ago, big headed Marguilies from ER cut Kristin and I off while we were in line trying to get hot dogs. Waiting on line (ha, I'm NOT settling the "in line" "on line" debate between you guys) this year was fun except I wanted to die from sleep deprivation and also we had to sit in dirt for 4 1/2 hrs. I did learn how to play Spades - Ray and I kicked butt - and even did fairly well at Spit. We got a hold of 20 tickets and ended up using all of them except for one which I gave to guy who looked like Mike Eisenger from Incubus. However, I think he sold the ticket, so the next time I see the dude, I will beat him. We spent the rest of the afternoon before the play at our place (well, it was daylight so the peeps were not afraid to come over!) and watched the Transformers movie. Where was I during the last 4 years of the Transformers because...RODIMUS PRIME?!? RODIMUS PRIME?!? WTF?!? That was SO wrong. Esp since he killed Optimus to begin with. As for the play, Oliver Platt was great as expected, guy from Scrubs was kind of a disappointment but he had a crappy role anyway. It's really hard to fuck up Shakespeare in the Park anyway.

Transformers, more than meets the eye. Transformers, robots in diguise. Autobots wage - their bat-tle to des-troy the e-vil for-ces of ---- the Decepticons!!!!!

Monday, July 29, 2002

I just had a conversation with someone and despite my status as a NYC blogger, I feel I do have to air out my quarrel with my neighborhood in a series of numbered points.

In my neighborhood...

1. When I walk on the streets, every time I see something on the ground out of the corner of my eye that looks plastic or latexy, I think it is a used condom and 25% of the time, I am right.

2. Loud popping noises make me duck. A bus ran over a basketball the other day and I ran around a corner while every stared at me before I realized what had happened.

3. In conjunction with loud popping noises...5 loud popping noises went off outside my apartment last winter and when I decided to look outside my window, I saw two bodies lying on the sidewalk. The next morning, there was a nothing but a wet spot on that portion of the sidewalk where their blood had been washed off.

4. I have to drill Greg on how to open the gate to the apartment faster so he isn't mugged before he can enter.

5. Unsupervised children, ranging from ages four to fourteen, roam the streets at 1am. The are usually armed with bats.

6. 5th generation (F4) fruit flies nest in the fruit and vegetables that have been sitting in the markets here for six weeks anyway.

7. When I want to buy something as simple as an onion, I can't. Because the last three times I picked up an onion in a market here, my fingers went right through the onion to its soupy core. Then the fruit fly larvae crawled over my fingers before I could scream.

8. None of my friends like coming here, even when I refrained from complaining for the longest time, just so they would come.

9. No one speaks english.

10. I clearly don't fit in and everyone lets me know with not subtle staring and looks.

11. I rejoiced when a Subway (Jarrod Subway, not the transportation service) opened so I would have an alternative to KFC and MacDonalds.

12. The guys making drug deals on the phone booth outside my apartment gate know where I live.

13. No one that I know that actually lives here knows their way around or where there are places to eat because a) we are all scared to leave our apartments and b) there is nothing here anyway.

Why don't I move? Because I am poor. And it's cheap and convenient to live here. Now that I've gotten it out on paper, I'm just going to try to suck it up. We'll never be on good terms so we're just going to have to try to live with each other....since we have no other choice.

Saturday, July 27, 2002

Failed experiment

I am doomed to never make new friends. Not to insult the ones that are here, but I really miss my college friends who have all moved far away to other states and foreign lands. I miss sitting in bars till 3am, picking out good tunes on that old jukebox that only has Zepplin, the Stones, and Aerosmith, and most of all, the happy haziness of a buzz during drunken conversations about everything from that hilarious scene from an otherwise shitty recent Simpsons episode to wondering when we would have the technology to beam ourselves to another location using site to site transporters and arguing over who would win in a fight: Prof Scichitano vs. Prof Brenner (sure, Scichitano might be small but he's wiry, not to mention mean. On the other hand, Brenner could throw some serious chemicals together and blow the Scichtz up). I miss discussing our purposes in life, history, this rock band, that rock band, what we learned in class today, books, crappy modern art, music... I'm tired of office politics, petty squabbles, soap opera size issues and gossip, having no time for myself, ten hr phone calls about nothing, and constantly talking about doing things instead of doing them. I love the friends that I have, but I guess I just miss hanging out with my old crowd. I might never find friends like them again. How do you make new friends outside of school? I hate almost everyone at work.

So I feel like I'm falling into some kind of bleakness right now...too much going out with no substance makes Ren dumb and dull. I think I'd feel more lost right now if I didn't have Jenny as a friend. I've known her since high school as Maison's little sister but it's been only recently that we've discovered that we are friends. I would say we're kindred spirits except that one of the boring people I met last week ruined that term for me (later on that). Jenny is definitely one of the coolest people I know. Josh too, even though he's in Portland. He knows how to cheer me up, even if it's just over IM. So I guess I should stop griping and appreciate what I have. But I still can't help feeling blue.

Now Superman vs. Batman. C'mon. Superman has amazing strength, lightning speed, and can fly. Batman has a utility belt, a grudge, and a boy wonder. I can't believe they're making a movie out of it. Of course I'll probably go see it.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Giant squid are awesome. Yum! I wonder how many pple it could feed? Hey, at least I'm not eating whale meat! Squid were made to be eaten. Esp that one. I need to get lunch. Actually, looking at the picture is kind of making me nauseated. But in theory, giant squid would be yummy. In theory.

So, glancing back at this blog recently, overall I find it poorly written, pretty shallow, and rather boring. Hmm...need to work on that... It does rather reflect my life right now - been so busy I haven't had much time for introspection so maybe I am becoming pretty shallow and rather boring. Oh my.

Monday, July 22, 2002

Flaming Moes and Happy Day Mama

Who's gonna roadtrip to Baltimore to see the greatest rock and roll band from New Orleans? It's ME. It's ME!!!!!! Road trip to see BETTER THAN EZRA end of August, babeeee. It's gonna rock hard. Then we're going to Annapolis for gelato and to support our sailors. COME ALIVE, COME ALIVE, WATCH THE CITY GO BY. TURN ME UP, TURN ME UP, TURN ME UP, TURN ME UP, TURN ME UP. Happy day mama, happy day, happy day, happy day mama!

show on Thursday was amazing. I couldn't feel my feet. Greg got us to do flaming Dr Peppers (which are absolutely disgusting) but neglected to really burn off any of the bacardi 151 so after about 3 minutes, Phyllis, Monica, Jenny, and Greg began smiling. At 10 min, I kept asking them why it wasn't working on me and at 20 min, my vision blurred and I started taking pictures of everyone, even pple I didn't like. Jenny missed half the show. I told Irene later that it was a good thing she hadn't come and had a drink with us or she would have had to have her stomach pumped. Cheap date. I'm jealous.

Saturday night caught Majandra Delfino at CBGBs. She was.....interesting. Her sound guy was terrible and her string players looked incredibly bored. If I had her voice though, I would sing good songs. All right, all right. It was awful. I was just trying to be nice earlier. But she really does have a nice voice.

Have you ever met anyone so incredibly boring that it's actually quite fascinating? I just did. Two of them, in fact. And I had to have dinner with them.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Why is it that all the bands I love are in North Carolina? All you bands in Chapel Hill and Greensboro - COME TO NY. COME. You WILL come to New York. There is nothing for you in North Carolina but...I can't think of anything in NC which only proves my point. I should be a band scout. How does one get into that? Then I can lure all my bands up to NY with lucrative record deals and porn. Maybe I should just go into the porn spamming business. I wonder how much they make. Hmm....

Did a lot over the past week. Greg's birthday party was fun but it was also work. I totally overdid it with the food - I'm pissed at myself and everyone. Me for making too much food (and it was damn good food too, damnit) and everyone for eating so little. But, to totally give myself credit, the food was so good! (Normally I can't cook for my life but everything came out good that day, I swear!) I made indonesian salad (vegetables with yummy peanut dressing), my sausage and peppers dish, fried rice, and a brick pressed sandwich (from my food channel days so long ago). Basically, I made enough food to feed North Korea. However, North Korea was not hungry because my goddamn apartment was 200 degrees (figuring each person generated an extra 5 degrees to the mix). Speaking of Korea, we managed to surprise Greg with Nancy. That was fun. We need some more Nancy in our lives - she lives too far away in Philadelphia. Ok, that's not that far, but still. It's certainly not New York. Hmm...maybe I can lure Nancy here with a record deal and porn. I didn't get drunk...really...I did get sick...a fever that night and a sore throat. It's been going around so it was fitting that I would get a virus for my birthday.

My birthday was great despite being sick. Maison was a nice surpise - all the way from Ireland, no less. Okay, fine, he didn't come for my birthday but it was still good to see him. They ended up taking me to Playland - I actually almost threw up from the Dragon Coaster but that might have been from screaming with Jenny (Jenny likes to scream - screaming with Jenny is fun because it makes her scream more), and not from feeling ill. Now I understand why Jennifer told her to "shut the fuck up before [she] kicked [her] in the ass" the last time we went on and they sat next to each other though. Still, Jenny is fun. Hmm...there are a lot of Jens. Then we went to see Lilo and Stitch and had a mini high school reunion at Dunkin Donuts on Central. That was Sunday. The gang took me out for dinner in Flushing on Monday. Elaine and Jennifer took me to Asia de Cuba to pretend to be one of the rich, beautiful people for a night and really for my tuna tartare [drool] on Tuesday. My birthday lasted 3 days this year. Whee!

I got awesome presents this year. A snow cone maker (I HEART snow cones), an air popcorn machine that looks like an old fashioned popcorn machine (but I'm still buying a real popcorn machine when I sell my first novel), a smoothie maker with a spigot, a hot dog toaster (you have to see it to believe it), Josie and the Pussycats (whee!), Harry Potter, some cool space books, Lilo and Stitch soundtrack, a voodoo kit, an etiquette book (now I'll know exactly what I'm doing wrong), and some other stuff I can't think of right now. I see a bit of a theme there... what do you people think of me? Yes, you're all correct - I hate cooking and I will be living off of snow cones, popcorn, hot dogs, and smoothies over the next couple of months, if not years. How well you all know me. You guys rock hardcore.
Son of the Beach

Things to remember about the beach next time:
DON'T wear flip flops that make blisters between my big toe and the next one.
DO bring a cooler to keep things cold like drinks and such.
You can never have enough towels. Why did we only have 4 towels between seven people?
Bring sunblock to block the cancer because the cancer is bad. Luckily, one of us remembered this time.
An umbrella. Similarly to block the bad cancer.
Chairs to sit on because really, lying on towels sucks. Chairs with cupholders, just for convenience.
Bring some sort of ball to hit or catch. Sometimes it just is too windy for frisbee and we should have known that.
Bring food. Because the food at Jones Beach is disgusting.
Bring a book. To read, just in case there is no one interesting to look at, like there wasn't on Saturday.
I kind of hate the beach.
No, I hate the beach.
Don't go to the beach.

Actually, the beach was ok for a pretty impromptu trip although I think I can only go once a year. I need a year to forget how much I hate the beach. Jones Beach is pretty gross. I need to move to the West Coast - oregon beaches were beautiful.

We also went to the Star Wars exhibit at the Brooklyn museum that morning! We really got our asses in gear when we figured out the exhibit was closing on Sunday. I was so overwhelmed, all I could do was point at everything and clap. I did manage to take about 75 pics or so. We hogged up the Yoda room taking pictures - it was kind of embarrassing. I apologized to all the people waiting behind us like a good asian girl. It was obnoxious but all nine of us felt that we needed pictures with him, especially after his work in Attack of the Clones. Master Yoda, although small in stature, did appear very wise and full of the force in person. I so wanted to break into the Princess Leia style Padme Attack of the Clones outfit exhibit and steal it. I'd admire myself in the mirror in it for days and when I wasn't, I'd wear it out every day - anyone who looked at me funny would have padme's weapon, straight out of her wicked cool thigh holster sticking right at them as I posed a la Natalie Portman in some scene where she is aiming her whateveryoucallitinstarwarsgun at someone. Aside from yoda, I think my only other favorite thing about that movie was the Leia outfit.

Trilogy Marathon (non special edition) plus Star Wars Trivial Pursuit at my place the first weekend we have available this month!

listening to: some songs on the radio I don't know.

Sunday, July 07, 2002

Bring it On


According to I won the Porn Lottery!
and to I can learn how to get access to free porn sites
to Feminine Pleasure Gel Guarantees To Reach My Peak
to Imagine1902: I can click here for farm girl delight!!! I can learn how to get Free Teen Sex Passes FARM ANIMALS FARM ANIMALS FARM ANIMALS


And that's just from this morning. Tonguepuppet’s actually a cool screenname – I wish I had thought of it first.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Uh, I best stop bashing my 'hood 'cause my blog's been approved to be on the NYC Bloggers page along the A line (My little pathetic show of NYC pride. New York - WOO HOO!) I guess I could also say the 1 but who gives a rat's ass about those lines. But if I have things my way, I will be out of here before long! That is, if I don't get in my way by being lazy. By my count, I've lived by 5 different stations (that's about 6 different lines total), due in part largely to NYU's super shitty housing situation. I am a well seasoned New Yorker, t'ain't I?

So, I've been reading over some recent posts and I realize I've been using an awful lot of exclamation points and capitalized words recently (surprisingly mostly not in anger) which is highly uncharacteristic of me. I guess that means I've been pretty happy over these past months? I've been making myself go out a lot more - something I haven't done since college, I guess. One bad side about going out more often is that it's harder for me to concentrate on writing. But overall, I guess I have been at peace with my life. It's nice. I'll start to worry if or when I talk about settling down and buying a minivan (which I don't even remotely want) but it seems these days you never know. It seems at a certain age, something snaps in your head and you suddenly get the urge to pop out babies and purchase things like minivans with dvd players. Well, those would be fun for trips....aaaghhhhh........ Luckily, my head hasn't snapped yet. What if it never does? Should I be worried?

My birthday is coming up really soon. Birthdays are always bad for me. I start thinking about where I was the year before and more often than not, I realize how little I have accomplished in all that time. I remember exactly what I did at midnight my last birthday - an old friend got in touch and I cried a bit. Pathetic. I never used to cry before college. Last year, I told myself that I would sit down and write my novel. At least I have sat down and I do have several chapters down but no where near my goals. I suppose birthdays for a lot of people are days of introspection and it's totally common for people to get bummed out. I think I just cried for things that could have been and things that aren't going to be. But at least I only do that on birthdays. Boo birthdays. I whined to Josh about it by IMing him "nooboooodyyyyy looooooooooves meeeeee" and he made me feel better by saying that he would go out with me if he wasn't in Portland AND if the band was cute or if I lived in Portland and moved there too. At least I have conditional love.

One thing that makes me unhappy - coding and html - if anyone one is reading this and knows anything about blogger - can you tell me why my archives only go back a month or so when I have at least 4 months of entries somewhere???

listening to: Trust Company "Downfall", Azure Ray "Displaced", Better Than Ezra "Get You In"

Wednesday, June 26, 2002





HOORAY FOR AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aside from being soooo haaaaappppyyyyyy, it's absofuckinglutely disgusting outside. 95 degrees and humid as fuck. My apartment is 110 degrees and so humid, i look like I just took a shower....even though I didn't. [wail] "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride!" I am melting away in this heat. I need snow to lie in. That would be nice. The heat is starting to negate my happiness... grr... "There's no place I'd rather be. (Get on the surfboad out at sea.) Lingering in the ocean blue. (And if I had one wish come true) I'd surf till the sun sets beyond the horizon. (Hawaiian garble, Hawaiian garble...ah tikki garble garble ne lana hana garble garble...let's get the jump the surf's up go spin with the motion of the ocean.) It's time to try the Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride. (Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride!!!!!!)" Eeeeehheeeeeee. Soooo haaappppyyyyy. I want to see Lilo and Stitch again!

listening to: The Strokes "Hard to Explain", Lilo and Stitch "He Mele No Lilo", "Hawaiian Roller Coaster"
GAH, why don't I ever listen to my own advice and type out my entries somewhere else first?!? Because I just lost a nice long entry just now. X( Here we go again.

Okay, so for no real reason at all, I was in a horrible, foul mood on Friday. Maybe the planets were misaligned, or my hormones were out of wack, or some important neurotransmitters were depleted or overstocked, I don't know. Hanging out with friends couldn't even shake a real smile out of me. And even Lilo and Stitch, despite how much I love Stitch and how fucking adorable he was, did not do much to shake the funk. Btw, I LOVE Stitch. I love him, I love him, I love him. We missed Phantom Planet, who I totally wanted to see sing California, which didn't help my mood much. Grr... Then Incubus came on and this huge, middle-aged, bald, wanna be Satan worshipper danced in front of us the whole time so we could barely see the stage, which was horribly, horribly far away anyway. And then somewhere in the middle of the set, my funk disappeared. I think it was during "I Wish You Were Here". I love that song. It gives me the willies sometimes. And it wasn't the weed being smoked all around us (I'm pretty sure), but during "The Warmth", I began to have that "I love the music, I love the band" feeling sweep over me. Or maybe it was the smoke, but still, I felt it. And it didn't hurt that Jenny had her eyes glued to Brandon the minute he took his shirt off until he left the stage. :D No doubt every single woman and half the men in MSG wanted to jump Brandon when he took off his shirt, including the dancing wannabe satan worshipper. Jenny had come to the concert, not knowing any of their music, but she left a true worshipper of the house of Brandon. My work is done. Ahhh.... I HEART Incubus.

Friday also marked the day that I sent out my proposal for the Wizards of the Sword Coast Setting Search that Josh had told me about 2 weeks before. Jenny attributes my foul mood to post-proposal parting disorder. It was the first time I had ever sat down and made up a world in my head and write a proposal for it. It was pretty damn fun, even though I'm pretty sure my world has no chance of making it to the next round. Josh and I had some good IMs over the fine points of fantasy settings and we had a fun chat trying to name various aspects of my world. He even helped me edit my proposal and I can say I am learning a lot about writing from him. I even got Jenny to submit a proposal even though she's never read a single fantasy book (compared to the 2 series I've read) and she's never even seen Star Wars. :o Overall, I think I took away some lessons from this experience. 1. Writing is fun. 2. Talking out ideas with someone else is amazing insightful and helpful. 3. I really need deadlines to get anything done.

Anyway, had a busy weekend. Saved a wounded pigeon, didn't see Minority Report (even though I wanted to), went Strawberry picking, bought a Stitch t-shirt from the Disney Store, ran errands, gorged on fried food at Candlelight Inn (so good, but so bad), and even scared myself silly so bad while watching an old X-Files episode while everyone was sleeping that I had to watch 2 whole hours of MTV videos before I could go to sleep (silly me).

We're going to have a party this week at the apartment and I'm slightly stressed out but luckily I have awesome friends who are going to help me out. We have good problems, despite even the foul days.

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Saturday, June 22, 2002


You saw me lost in treading water
I looked pathetic and as helpless as a stinger without a bee
But underneath my presentation. Yeah
I knew the walls were coming down
And the stones that fell were aiming away from me

Hey what would it mean to you?
To know that itll come back around again
Hey whatever it means to you
Know that everything moves in circles

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

My cat died today. I had him since I was 12. I never had a pet die on me before. I took this picture of him just this past Sunday. I pretty much knew he was going to die then but that didn't make it any easier really.


Thursday, June 13, 2002

Pig Out at the Hog Pit

Last Wednesday was great. Surprised Irene at the Hog Pit and she didn't even have a clue - that's what I love about Irene. That it's easy to surprise her I mean, not that she's clueless. What was really awesome is that she was expecting Ray to take her to a high class steakhouse and instead ended up in that dive. But the ribs were good and we basically got the whole backroom to ourselves. The Shepherd's Pie was good. To make up for responding "Thank You", "I Like You Too", and "You're Okay" to her professions of love to me, I gave her one of those Urban Outfitters squeeze toys that whistles at her, tells her she's gorgeous, and tells her that it loves her every time she squeezes it. When everyone was first arriving, Jenny called, lost and asked up for directions. Greg asked her where she was and she said, "I think I'm on 13th Ave." Greg lowered the phone and announced to us that Jenny was on 13th Ave. A drunken regular called out - "You're friend's in the Hudson!" Sounded about right. Ray made this awesome scrapbook for her from the past year and asked us all to sign it whch was really fun.

Saturday was Dysfunctional Family Picnic Episode VI

Our most popular response to telling pple we were going was, your family's, Greg's, Ray's, or Irene's? Hello, anyone who knows me, knows my family is way too dysfunctional to even go on a picnic, much less a sixth one. And then one odd one - that's really great of you guys to volunteer for something like that. Huh? Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. We got there to Jones Beach at 1 and decided to go down to the beach (which was a little chilly) but we had fan-tuan and frozen lemonade. Yum. So we missed the first band (could care less) and Home Town Hero who has one song I wanted to hear. Oh well. New Found Glory was blink but good. Highlights were Hoobastank and Incubus. Poor Jimmy Eat World. As we watched them, I told Greg they were one hit wonders but that was in private. As we walked by them signing autographs after their set, some jerk yelled out "ONE HIT WONNN-DER!" to them. The Strokes were okay - the singer looked totally bored the whole set though. I'm totally psyched to see Phantom Planet and Incubus!! Woo-hoo!

spinning: Phantom Planet - "California", New Found Glory - "My Friends Over You"

Thursday, June 06, 2002

I heart chatting with Josh

I love chatting online with Josh. He reminds me of things like how in college we overheard part of Alanis Morisette's crappy song "Unsent" on ICB once and were like - WTF is that?!? And how we had Greg call ICB to request it and then spent the afternoon watching the snow fall over Cayuga Lake on ICB's channel as we waited for the song to come on. I just looked up the lyrics to that song. OMG - it's as AWFUL as I remember it. Here it is in all its unspeakable glory:

Dear Matthew,
I like you a lot
I realize you're in a relationship with someone right now
And I respect that
I would like you to know that if you're ever single in the future and you want to
Come visit me in california I would be
Open to spending time with you and finding out how old you were when you wrote your first song

Dear Jonathan,
I liked you too much
I used to be attracted to boys who would lie to me
And think solely about themselves and you were
Plenty self-destructive for my taste at the time
I used to say the more tragic the better
The truth is, whenever I think of the early 90's your face comes up with a vengeance like it was yesterday

Dear Terrance,
I love you muchly
You've been nothing but open hearted and emotionally available and supportive
And nurturing and consumately there for me I kept drawing you in
And pushing you away I remember how beautiful it was to
Fall asleep on your couch and cry in front of you for the first time you were the
Best platform from which to jump beyond myself What was wrong with me

Dear Marcus,
You rocked my world
You had a charismatic way about you with the women
And you got me seriously thinking about spirituality
And you wouldn't let me get away with kicking my own ass
But I could never really feel relaxed and looked out for around you though
And that stopped us from going any further than we did
And it's kind of too bad 'cause we could've had much more fun

Dear Lou,
We learned so much
I realize we won't be able to talk for some time
And I understand that as I do you
The long distance thing was the hardest and we did as well as we could
We were together during a very tumultuous time in our lives
I will always have your back and be curious about you
about your career, your whereabouts -Alanis Morisette

And then Josh reminded me of how we were planning on watching Thumb Wars on tv and how he, Luke, and Greg were too lazy to tape it even though I tried to make them get up to do it. But then we ran out of time and Thumb Wars started and how we were hysterical as we watched it and how mad I was afterwards that we hadn't taped it. [Sigh].

And the time Natalie practically called me short to my face as she and Luke, giants that they are, thumbed through Playboy and she said cattily, "I can't believe these girls are in Playboy. They're so ugly and short. What are they like, 5'4"? [derogative snort] I guess that's why they're stuck in Playboy." And how I was sitting nearby and thinking, hey, I am 5'4", what are you trying to say?

And that day when Sammy took a uberstinky shit in his litter box and Greg and I dove under the covers of his bed to block out the smell and how we were trapped under there for 20 minutes or more because it smelled so bad outside, we were too scared to leave. So we started pretending that we were on a federation starship and I kept on trying to send Greg out on an away mission to destroy the Odorous Entity.

And when we tried to ask the woman at the video rental place if they had Flesh Gordan and how Greg (while Jonathan, Josh and I hid behind some shelves pretending not to know him) had to repeat it several times until she said loudly "OH, you mean FLESH Gordan" to the whole store. And not to mention that very pornographic anime (Japanipornimation) "Attack of the Sex Demons" or something and how all of us were on the floor laughing at lines like "come, stir my honeypot" and that these plum petals kept the schoolgirls pure.

And after the new superWegmans was built, all those hours spent dreaming and talking about how when the world ended, we would run to Wegmans and activate the supermarket to go underground to shield us from the nuclear fallout. And what food we would have to consume first and which ones we'd have to learn to preserve. All that food! And how argued over what sections we'd live in and how much fun we'd have playing in the aisles and then discussed how we would deal with the mutants once we resurfaced a year or two later.

We have a lot of good memories.

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Tuesday, June 04, 2002

current status: overappreciating music.

The weather is GORgeous, dahlings. Won't last long though, poo. A bunch of us went to Playland for the first time in ages on Saturday. They took out the Spider (good riddance) but replaced it with a similiar vomit-making machine. There was a new ride called Double Shot (sort of like free fall except it shoots you up and drops you 4 times total). It totally rocked. While we waited on line for it, this huge toughing-looking gangsta guy strapped himself in and as the ride shot up, he screamed, "OH SHIT!" And then when he came down again, he shouted, "OH SHIT!!!" And so on. Needless to day, by the time it was our turn, we were all hysterical and freaking out even though Jenny and Jennifer had tried it the year before. As they strapped me in, I asked Jenny how it was going to be and she just babbled that she wanted her Mommy. And we were shot up. That actually wasn't so bad I thought as we reached the top but then I belatedly realized that we had to fall as we started to hurtle downwards and there was a fresh round of screaming from us. When it was over and done with, we were all raring to go at again while I wondered how good is it for my internal organs to be shot up and then dropped down in succession in that manner.

One downer - they didn't have fried dough! Unbelievable. All they had was funnel cake. I went up to a fifteen year old funnel cake vendor and asked him if he knew if Playland still had fried dough. He gave me this look and showed me the funnel cake. No, no, I tried to explain. Not funnel cake. Fried dough - it's different and you used to offer apple sauce and other toppings for it. You mean funnel cake, he said again getting pissed off. I just turned around to everyone and announced that I felt really old. Wtf.

I don't know why we keep going into the haunted house. We're such suckers - it's the same amount of tickets as the Dragon Coaster too. And it NEVER FAILS to suck. It's the same old suckfest year after year. I guess we just wanted to show Eugene the zombie in the blue bikini (everyone who's been to Playland knows her). Never again, I say. Never again. It's the last time we go in, I swear.

Now everyone has neck injuries from riding the hurricane. It was such a good call that I chose not to go on. However, I hurt my neck anyway this morning. Why. WHY??? So now I can't turn to look right unless I turn my whole body - I feel like freakin frankenstein. UGH.

spinning: Better Than Ezra - "Get You In", Liz Phair - "Polyester Bride"

Thursday, May 30, 2002

i'm comin' up so you better you better get this party started. get this party started.

Rather drisunk. praty a success. will have more in the future. did a few shts and had 5 beers. was charming drisunk hostess, I'm suire. defintely was drunk chef. a few peeps are left. the matrix is kinfa depressing when drisunk. caroline so nice to help clean up. I didn't ahve to do any dishes. yay. so much food. I can't believe I cooked so much. chocoalte covered stawberries a success. of course. goibg to pass out now. i love parties

Wednesday, May 29, 2002


Rain drops bead again
They make a tide pool
On your summer skin

Shoplifting corner store
I should have got,
Should have got some more.

How'd you get so low?
How'd you get so low?
Baby I don't know.

God, how you look the same.
I recognize the face,
But not the name.

Pull over, never stop
A caramel-colored girl in a halter top.

How'd you get so low?
How'd you get so low?
(She said)

Me and you
Got a lot to do.
We go rolling
From Friday till Sunday noon.
Stop! Start a letter,
Rent-A-Saint in back
Want to hit the interstate in a Cadillac,
And we're rolling.

Could it be that hard
To never mind the rent
And then quit your job?

Flying, at what cost?
Shout outs to the ones we've lost.

How'd you get so low?
How'd you get so low?

Don't mind me. Me? I'm fine.
I just get a little lost sometimes.
But what I really meant to say,
I couldn't live without you another day.

How'd you get so low?
How'd you get so low?
(She said)

Me and you
Got a lot to do.
We go rolling
From Friday till Sunday noon.
Stop! Start a letter,
Rent-A-Saint in back
Want to hit the interstate in a Cadillac,
And we're rolling.

Are you just worried to see me?
Are you just worried to need me?

Me and you
Got a lot to do.
We go rolling
From Friday till Sunday noon.
Stop! Start a letter,
Rent-A-Saint in back
Want to hit the interstate in a Cadillac,
And we're rolling.
Yeah, we're rolling.
Me and you, we're rolling.

On a Sunday afternoon.


-Better Than Ezra - Closer

omg - I love Better Than Ezra

Saturday, May 25, 2002


Makes me proud that I named a character in my book after him, ok, well, technically after a friend but still.... So he didn't slice and dice Jar Jar up and feed him to the Senate members (even though he should have). That's ok. I'm not going to mention the love scenes because they didn't happen...what love scenes? LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA. Padme and Anakin rolling around on the grass in hazy softlight? What?!? LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA. Whose skin is so soft??? LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA. The clones WERE impressive. They actually hit targets and acted like real soldiers. Artoo flew! I really have excellent powers of repression. So Sam Jackson didn't say, "This partay is OVER, muthafucka." That's ok. I heard it anyway. Greg and I came up with an awesome idea where they should have had him say "The party's over, motherf-" and then George should have windshield wipered it over to the next scene over the "ucker."

The Taiwan festival at Union Square was a bust. Basically, we were joking the night before that all they would have is egg rolls, wontons, and lo mein (which to those unlearned in things chinese and taiwanese are NOT taiwanese foods). And what did they have - spring rolls and noodles. Who called the spring rolls? Who? That's right. So we headed over to the Ninth Ave Int'l food festival which had the usual gyros, italian sausages, fried dough, and lemonade. Tres internationale, non? Then we saw About A Boy. Why? I don't know. It just happened.

Ugh, I'm getting old. A bunch of us went down to Cafe Espanol and got our drinks on on pitchers of sangria (sangria, not bad, a little too sweet but hey) and after dinner moseyed on down to the Lion's Den to see JStar. Jenny danced up a storm. The Columbia peeps did a'ight. Afterwards, we barely made it over to Veniero's and then barely crawled back to the A to return to our asskicking neighborhood (asskicking as in where you get your ass kicked after you are mugged) where I found they DO sell churros on the street. I wasn't making that up. The next day I woke up feeling ubershitty. Why? Because I'm getting old.

Time to see the sailors! (b/c if we don't go, the terrorists will have won.) We're going to watch them (the sailors, not the terrorists) parachute onto Eugene and carry him away in a raid. Hooyah!

Blogging to: Madonna "Paradise (Not for Me)", Phantom Planet "California"

Thursday, May 09, 2002

renwu: it's going to be weird to see yoda flipping around and doing tricks
renwu: he's completely cgi this movie
renwu: maybe he'll slice jarjar in half
josh: that'll kick ass
renwu: and then he'll be like, about time, it is
josh: yep
renwu: and then jar jar just when he is sliced in half, before he dies will say "meehsa goin' die?"
josh: YES
josh: ass-jack you are, jar jar, cut you down I will
renwu: how sweet it will be
josh: you're getting me all excited for something that isn't going to happen

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

What an incredible smell you've discovered...

I haven’t watched survivor since the second one but is it wrong of me to think that the more starved and dirty they are, the more attractive they become?

Sunday, April 21, 2002

Change of Heart

Okay, so any true Star Wars fan who saw the first trailer for Ep II was like eeeeeeyuck! Why, George Lucas, why??? And we've all learned to pretty much LOWER all expectations after the lesson of Ep One (but hey, it's much better after the second, third, and subsequent viewings). As for the second Ep II trailer, it was a little busy (it was never so busy in the original trilogy) and what is up with the dialogue (ie, "Your clones are very impressive")??? Regardless, I sat down one day to eat lunch and watch Coming Attractions on E! when the second Ep II trailer came on. I don't know if it was the euphoria I get from eating sometimes (similar to getting a slight buzz after a beer or 2 on an empty stomach) that contributed to it or maybe if like for The Phatom Menace I had already lowered my expectations or that maybe I just saw something I had missed the first time around but I started to get really excited for Attack of the Clones! Hurrah! Actually, there was something that intangibly reminded me of the original trilogy in this trailer. I can't put my finger on it yet... I need to watch the trailer again. I'm so freaking excited I'm ready to make someone else try to get tickets for the first night for me! ''Begun, this Clone War has." Allright!

This reminds me - anyone who has the Ep One trailer (the one that starts off with the hill on Naboo in the beginning) on their computers and also an mp3 of Blur's "Song 2" should try putting them together and see what the results are like! I think it rather improves the trailer in a certain way. Can I trademark the idea?

Friday, April 19, 2002

I just did a search on Kazaa for "great songs" and I got the following:
"Dream a Little Dream of Me"
"Hakuna Matana"
"Yes, Jesus Love Me"
"My Mistake (Was to Love You)"
"Notre Dame Fight Song"
"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause"
"When the Roll is Called Up Yonder"
"A Week in a County Jail"
"A Boy Named Sue"

Clearly we are not thinking on the same level here.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

To sum up my month... (in rhyme for no good reason at all)

A week in Portland is not enough
leaving Josh was really rough
I think the West Coast is the place to be
One day, I'll be back, you'll see
Better than Ezra at Irving totally rocked
Thank god Maryland is not landlocked
Got some research done thanks to Jen and Ray
Crabs at Mikes and uniforms made the day
Eugene's bday - food, drinks, and even snubbing
Watched him smoke, then went clubbing
Last minute trip to Hartford with Greg, Ray, and Irene
To hear a band we've never seen
Is a Motel 6 worse than a Super 8?
No vacancies at Red Roof sealed our fate
At least we got Denny's the next day
watched whales in Mystic swim and play
The Kids in the Hall were, of course, the best
I totally miss Dave, Kevin and all the rest.
Holy shit a month has passed, time's really flown
I can't believe in a month, I've not spent one weekend home
Well, it's been fun, a total bash
But it's back to work; I'm out of cash.

So we "discovered" a new band - Janie Superstar - while standing outside for the BTE concert (more later on that in my discourse of Why I Love Better Than Ezra). They totally rock. I highly recommend seeing them live. SEE THEM. I command you.

Portland was fun. I don't think I could live there though. The coast was definitely my favorite part. I wouldn't mind a beach house along the oregon coast somewhere. It pretty much confirmed my determination to live at least in No Cal. I think I might be a No Cal girl, even if I've never been. I just feel it.

Ray and Greg Sitting in a Tree

The Nancy Burson exhibit at the Grey Gallery at NYU is really cool. I totally recommend it. (And it's almost free with a recommended donation of $2.50). In addition to her works (like Jemuhommadha), there's a computer downstairs that can show you what you look like as a different race, an age accelerator (which isn't that great), and what you may look like with different defomities. Black Greg and Asian Greg were funny. And White Greg looked like a model for some reason. Josh and I were right, deformed Greg looked pretty much the same as normal Greg. You can also morph your face with another person's, which we dubbed "The Baby Maker". I wish we could have printed out Ray and Greg's baby. Oh well. The exhibit runs until Saturday so hurry up and go see it!

On a sad note, we discovered that a NYU id is now required to enter the Main building. That just really sucks.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

OH MY GOD (I've been saying that a lot, lately, huh. Hope I'm not invoking anything like the Candyman). But... OH MY GOD - Maybe I should have siamese triplets to supplement my income.

The Whacky Story of Bob, Bobby, and Bobrella

(WINS) Apr 15, 2002 4:13 pm US/Eastern
Nashville, TN (DE) - Last week to the amazement of everyone, three souls were brought into the world. The amazing part is that these three souls all happen to be connected to each other's body.

"I had 8 children already and thought I knew enough about being pregnant so I decided not to go to the doctor and just wing it," said the mother. "I knew I had 3 fetuses inside me because I have had twins before and knew what multiple ones felt like."

"When they turned out to be triplets connected at the hip, I rushed her to the hospital for special help," says the father.

The mother and her babies stayed at the hospital for three weeks for special care. The parents knew that they were special babies and needed special names.

"We decided to call them Bob, Bobby, and Bobrella after our favorite person, Psychic Bob, and we hope to get contact with him to ask if our babies will live long enough to turn at least 25," comments the parents.

The Siamese triplets all have separate organs except for their feet and legs. The parents plan not to separate them because they are worth a lot more money to them if they are not cut into three people.

"No one wants to see a freak show with three former Siamese triplets, they want the real deal and the real deal pays!" explains the mother.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Why do stores like delia's and abercrombie make clothing that only fits eight year old children???

Oh My God - the Osbournes (the show) is fucking brilliant. I never liked Ozzy Osbourne but the show is fucking brilliant. It's everything I fucking expected and more. Watch the fucking show. It's fucking brilliant.

And why do people think monkeys are cute? They're not. They're nasty, dirty, smelly, ugly creatures. They eat their own shit and vomit. They're what you would look like if you were hairy, nasty, dirty, smelly, and ugly. Why on earth would you ever want to own one?

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

I just realized I don't know any asians named Greg. And I'm pretty sure I've never met any previously either.

Wednesday, March 06, 2002


And "de nile" ain't a river in Uganda, honey. Next he'll be saying there are no Africans in Uganda. Jesus, the President of Uganda is scary.

Here's the text of the article in case the link stops working:

Uganda President: We Have No Homosexuals

COOLUM, Australia (AP) — After accepting an award for his government's successful campaign against AIDS, Uganda's president declared Sunday that his country has no homosexuals, one of the groups most threatened by the global epidemic.

The comment by President Yoweri Museveni follows a report by a human rights group that accused Uganda and other countries of torturing and mistreating their homosexual populations.

Museveni has led an aggressive AIDS prevention campaign since 1986 that has been credited with slashing the infection rate among adults in the African nation from 28 percent to less than 10 percent.

He accepted an award for his efforts from the Commonwealth, the association of Britain and its former colonies, at a meeting of the group in Coolum, Australia. Afterward, he listed the ways that the AIDS virus spreads in Uganda.

``First, it goes through unprotected sex. We don't have homosexuals in Uganda so this is mainly heterosexual transmission,'' he said.

Human rights watchdog Amnesty International said in a report last June that it had documented cases of homosexuals being tortured in Uganda. The report compiled alleged cases of torture and mistreatment in 30 countries including Uganda, Pakistan, Argentina, Russia and the United States.

Museveni said Sunday that the AIDS virus also spread through ``careless blood transfusions'' and through tribal customs such as circumcision in which the same knife is used for multiple people.

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

I'm really excited - they're actually going to do the towers of light memorial this coming monday at dusk. I heard about the idea for a memorial not long after September 11th and thought that I could care less that it's a memorial but that they're actually going to carry out this huge and pretty wasteful project - I want to see! Here is the artist's rendition of what it will look like:
towers of light

So I flew for the first time since Aug to go to Greg's friend's wedding. I've always hated airports and flying and goddamn those terrorists, I hate airports and flying even more, if that's possible. The lines were ridiculous, the waiting was ridiculous, being evacuated because a guard looked the other way for 30 seconds is ridiculous. I mean come one, if anyone really wants to do something bad, they're going to do it. All this shit security doesn't make me feel any safer AT ALL. Is it just me or does it seem like the world is falling apart? Every time I turn on the news I feel like I am in one of those apocalyptic novels we had to read in junior high and high school like Alas, Babylon where we are at the point where we're a pre-apocalyptic civilization on the precipice of destruction. I don’t want to be living the novel.

All right, enough of that. The rest of the weekend was interesting. Greg’s mom tricked me into getting a makeover at Bloomingdale’s. She let me believe we were just going to go so I could buy a lipstick for the wedding but I ended up getting shanghaied into a chair somehow. I told the woman none of that Jenny Jones makeover crap (although those are so fun to watch!). What else – got wired on red bulls and vodka. Did we have wings. Ate at Denny’s not once but twice! (Talk about taking away my right to live). But the Moons Over My Hammies were worth it. Encountered many old crotchety men and women. Enjoyed wonderful 75-degree weather (thanks, Osama!) the whole time.

Friday, March 01, 2002

OMG! (Yes, I have taken to using that acronym, deal). But OMG! For the three people who read this page - I have added a comments section! Still wondering at my HTML demigodlike powers! Though I give all the credit to YACCS even though I have no idea what that stands for. Thank you YACCS!

Thursday, February 28, 2002

In this week's edition of The Onion there is a picture of a "tough" looking, frowning little boy and the caption reads: School Bully Not So Tough Since Being Molested. So, so wrong, yet so, so funny.

Oh man, oh man, oh man! I am BURSTING with gossip. It's mad crazy gossip. Unfortunately, everyone I know reads my lameass blog! What's wrong with you people? Don't you have anything better to do than be reading this? UGH! Get back to work!

Asian Avenue IS evil. So I run home pathetically from work or play and what is the first thing I do after checking e-mail? I sign on to Asian Avenue to see how many counter hits I have, who's signed my guest book (my bad, who tagged my GB in AAspeak), how many member points I have (cause I get stuff when I reach a certain amount of points!), and read all my new messages, most of which from guys who haven't read my site and ask me how my dog is and don't I love animals to death? I even leave AA running in the background at work sometimes 'cause a friend and I have a friendly competition to see who gets the most counter hits each day. Sometimes I spend an hour or two (where does that time go) looking through member pages to see how interesting any of these people might be and then I scan the pages of those interesting people's friends they have saved. And whose fault is this? KULAYA. I wonder if there is a Caucasion Causeway or White Way???

Friday, February 22, 2002

The Ski Trip

The ski trip. What do I have to say about the ski trip. DON’T EAT SEAFOOD AT A SEAFOOD RESTAURANT IN A LANDLOCKED STATE. Don't drive five hours from a state that borders the sea to a state that doesn't and eat seafood there. That’s what I have to say.
A landlocked state.  Don’t eat seafood here.

A landlocked state. Don’t eat seafood here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

I will write about the ski trip later but for now I will just write this: Okay, I have further proof that Washington Heights sucks, not that I need any. Last week, a cop got caught delivering several pounds of cocaine to an apartment in Washington Heights. Um… That sounds about right. Oh no, I think the Washington Heights Beautification and Gentrification committee is going to get on my ass. I’m really scared. No, really, I’m scared, seriously. I mean, who the hell is going to take on Washington Heights, not Roz Abrams, that’s for sure. Where the hell did that come from???

Haha, I found this recently (I wrote it in December):

Greg called after class and the following conversation ensued, which I later typed out to Jennifer over Yahoo IM.
Greg: So today in lecture, the professor made a really creepy observation. He said that remember on Sept 10, there was a huge thunderstorm and then after Sept 11, the weather has been the same every day ever since.
Me: No, it hasn’t.
Greg: Yes, it has. Isn’t that creepy?
Me: No, because the weather hasn’t been the same at all. It’s gotten cold and it’s rained.
Greg: Well, let’s say IF it were true, wouldn’t it be creepy?
Me: I guess IF the weather was exactly the same everyday, yeah, I guess it would be but it hasn't been so it’s not.
Greg: It has too been the same.
Me: Maybe Osama bin Laden kidnapped a group of elite scientist to make a weather cube, you know, a weather dominator that controls the weather. And as part of his evil plot – he’s been making it a pleasant 65-70 degrees every day.
Greg: Fuck you.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

A Valentine to My Friends:

Okay, wow, I don’t know where to start. I’m not one to get mushy and sentimental so I’m just going to say it simply: I have the greatest friends in the world. Last night I was convinced that the flesh from my nose had all been wiped away with my Puffs Plus Brillo tissues, that my nose would start running blood along with the mucous that was already pouring out, and that I would never sleep because mucous would pour down my throat and effectively suffocate me if I did manage to fall asleep. I even considered calling Dominos to order a pizza and offering them extra money to pick up some medicine for me. Alas, Dominos closed at 11. In abject misery, I received a phone call from Jennifer and Irene at 12:30am – come downstairs, they said, and bring the Buhbye mix with you. Wha, huh, who, wha? Disoriented, I threw on some jackets and took the elevator.

Parked in front of my apartment was Jennifer and Irene! They handed me a bag, took the cd, and sent me back upstairs. Very smooth operation. When I opened the bag, I found cough drops, meds, and congee!!! I ripped open the congee and started wolfing it down while I opened the Afrin and read the directions and after some maneuvering, realized I would have to stop eating for a moment to apply the spray. The spray worked almost instantly and for the first time that day, I could breathe – bless nasal decongestants and bless amazing friends who are so wonderful. I slept well yesterday. Ok, maybe they braved driveby shootings and cops delivering cocaine to bring me a get well package so that I would get better enough to go skiing this weekend and not only just to make me better :p but either way, they obviously love me and I love them!

I might still have a virus but I feel so much better. Thank you!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

:(( I have taste buds!

I'm sick! Four days until my ski trip and I'm down with a sore throat and fever. BWAH!!! I'm not even going to go into how awful the first day of the new year has gone for me. (they call this Lunar Year 2002 - isn't it technically Lunar Year Five-thousand something?) This morning, my throat was absolutely killing me so I got out a flashlight and tried to look down my throat and to my utter horror, saw these huge red bumps at the back of my tongue. So, my eyes welling up with tears, I had Other Jen conference my father on the phone because my throat was too sore to talk to the ER people properly to ask for my dad. My father asked me these basic questions and seemed rather worried until I told him about the bumps on my tongue. Wait, on the back of your tongue, he asked. Yeah, I rapsed out tearfully, huge, red bumps and smaller ones in the middle. He sighed. Those are your taste buds, he said matter of factly. Those gargantuan red lumps, I said, sure he was mistaken. Yes, taste buds, he said starting to get impatient, take out an anatomy book and look for youself. Are you sure, I asked doubtfully, they're rather large and they hurt. Taste buds, he confirmed and prescribed his regular treatment for every ailment, take two tylenol and call me. Sheesh, I should be a doctor.

Okay, that reminds me of this story that Other Jen told me. A few months ago, Elaine, her cousin, and Eugene were walking in the city when Elaine stopped Eugene and asked him if they could catch a cab since her cousin had stiletos. "Is she okay?" Eugene asked worriedly. So after Other Jen told me this story, we went to shabu shabu with Eugene and as preplanned, I started coughing horribly (acutally, I was choking on some fishball but since it wasn't serious, I turned it into a wild cough) to which Other Jen said on cue, are you allright? Eugene looked at me also and asked me if I was allright. I'm okay, I said, it's just my stiletos. Eugene ignored me but Other Jen and I had a good laugh.

At least I don't have stilettos.

tongues are gross. who knew those were back there.

gross illustration

Friday, February 08, 2002

So I pick up the phone yesterday and I know it's Other Jen calling me because she IMed me and told me so but what do I hear when I pick up the phone? "I AM SAAAAAAAAAM! I AM SAAAAAAAAAAM!" Had flashback to scene in The Bodyguard where Whitney Houston picks up the phone and sad, but crazy stalker says, "Noooooooooo. Nooooooooo." Of course it's Eugene on the phone conferenced in by a giggling Other Jen. I don't understand why anyone wants to see I am Sam. I really don't. Eugene does a really good Sam though. Hmm......

Which reminds me, I told my friend, Anna, the other day about this time I went to a friend's dinner party where I didn't really know most of the people there. This one guy had this story that he apparently tells at every social get together about a disgusting and perverted roommate of his. And he, of course told it. Apparently said guy walked into his room one day and caught the disgusting roommmate servicing himself. And it was totally disgusting, apparently, and said guy described exactly how disgusting it was in excruciating detail to the very end (end of self service). Everyone at the table EWed the gross roommate and sympathized with poor guy for having such a gross roommate to the point where I couldn't contain myself anymore and pointed out loudly, "But you stayed and watched him finish up?" To which everyone at the table stopped laughing at gross roommate and stared at me like I had two freaking heads. I repeated, "You mean you stayed in the room after you caught your roommate masturbating and watched until he got off?" Other Jen was choking into her napkin as others stared with blank questioning gazes at me. I stared back at them while my inner voice continued screaming, "YOU STAYED AROUND TO WATCH. I mean it's perfectly normal that your roommate is jerking off, what guy doesn't. But YOU, YOU stuck around and watched him, a few feet away, until the fucking end, YOU FUCKING PERV! And you think your ROOMMATE is whack?"
So I told this story to Anna, who, properly indignant at other dinner guests' reaction, said to me, "dude, and I thought I worked with retards." Anna is so awesome. I love you hoochita!!! She does work with retards so she does know.

Monday, February 04, 2002

Went to the WTC site with Kuls, Jane, and Phil on Saturday. I don't know why we went. We just did. Much to my surprise, the site looked much like an ordinary construction site, like they were about to build something, instead of take away what is there. It was pretty easy to look and simply pretend that it was. Stopped by the wall of names on the way out. We all morbidly stopped to look for Peter's name on the wall of names. At least it didn't smell like that night in November when Greg took me to Nobu. We had to walk 5 blocks to the restaurant and I almost puked from the stench.

On a happier note, celebrated Mansoor's birthday today with a traditional lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. I do not understand the Cheesecake Factory, nor will I attempt to. Stood by and watched, with great amusement, other Jen and Jane mercilessly attack a poor Tim for poor execution and planning of surprise birthday party. Despite accusations of a lack of any sort of intelligent judgement, Tim managed to pull it off somehow and Mansoor seemed to be genuinely surprised. Yay surprises! Lately, everyone has grown cynical and too expectant so surprises have been often difficult to acheive. (Ahem, other Jen). I think the key is to surprise the birthday person with people they'd never expect to see at their birthday party. After much debate, unfortunately went bowling. Bowling is soulless sport. Hmm, will have to start compiling a list of soulless activities (like going to casinos and listening to the Gin Blossoms). But had fun, nevertheless, despite depicably rude bowling alley workers, broken nails, sprained thumb, countless gutterballs, and three year old children bowling better than some of us. Together, other Jen, Irene, Ray and I scored the high score on the imitation Whack-A-Mole-like game with alligators. Then later watched in guilt-free satisfaction as a six-year old and her mother pathetically attempt to break our record. Please. They're going to have to kill then restart that machine before anyone has a chance of cracking our record. Evil knows no bounds.

Recommended song: Okay, enough of the cheese. Here's: "While the Earth Sleeps" by Peter Gabriel and Deep Forest. (Thanks, Josh.)

Friday, February 01, 2002


Hooray for kickass friends. Kuls and Jane surprised me by coming over late tonight! They braved the uncertain perils of Washington Heights and even parked Jane's nice shiny car on Broadway just to poke in! Love is in the air! Okay, maybe if they had let me know they were coming though, I would have answered their buzzing the door (well, no one EVER buzzes up at 11pm on a weekday here in WH - unless they are peddling illegal substances and are trying to get into the building) and maybe I wouldn't have been so hesitant to answer the door when they did get in somehow, thinking the hoodlums who I hadn't let up earlier where coming to exact their revenge. Next time, girlies, call me so you aren't left standing outside my apartment in the middle of the night while someone pushes smack or crank on you!!! But nevertheless, it was so nice to have them over - they played a fierce game of darts (I don't think anyone won though) and ate wonderful souffle while we yacked it up and I unsucessfully tried to show off my new pooter. Kulaya introduced me to It's rather evil with it point rewards system. Kind of annoying to deal with the kids who page me with their sticky keys (ie: HEy hOw YoO DOin'? wHAzzUp!!) Don't understand. Is there a system to sticky keys? Is there a mathematical pattern I can't comprehend? So complicated. I am getting too old. Those kids. Have to work early tomorrow though. Boo. :(( Oh shit. It's 4am. How did that happen???

That reminds me of my freshman year roommate who used to call us "girlies" all the time and how much I hated her (that's not the only reason I hated her even though it's enough). "Hey, girlies." "What's up, girlies?" "Hey, girlie girlies, how're my girlies doing?"

Why is "All You Wanted" by Michelle Branch so catchy. So damn catchy.

Thursday, January 31, 2002


I FOUND IT! I FOUND IT!! I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


IT FUCKING RULES!!! It's called a winteria. I so want one.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Made hot pot for dinner today (hot pot is the equivalent to a bouillon based fondue except that the Chinese make it the pot that keeps on giving). So, I've decided that despite there being tons of vegetables in the hot pot, the meatballs, the addicting and extremely unhealthy bbq sauce, and the gorging make it a rather unhealthy dinner.

It's still fucking good though. **Recipe alert** Basically, if you don't have a hot pot, you can do what I do which is get a giant pot and fill it a quarter up with water (this is for two people, or three, if one of the three is not Greg, for about 3 meals worth). Add two cans of chicken soup and a chicken bouillon cube or so to taste. Add some salt and white pepper, to taste. When the soup comes to a boil, add one package beef or pork meatballs (any chinese kind you can find in the freezer section of a chinese supermarket). You can also add cut up fish cake, a can of straw mushrooms, baby corn, bamboo, and tofu, cut up into squares. Last, add any vegetables like snow peas, white cabbage, spinach, whatever. That's what I usually do. Basically, you can add whatever the hell you want to it. For a dipping sauce, I buy a chinese bbq sauce that comes in a silver can and add sesame oil and soy sauce. Some pople add a raw egg, cilantro, or green onions to it.

A test picture of a picture of Sammy I took. Aw.

supercute sammy

in my head: "Faith of the Heart" by Russell Watson (otherwise known as the controversial Enterprise Theme). OKAY, OKAY, it grows on you. I hated it before and still think it's inappropriate as the theme song to Enterprise (although I think they were on the right track to have a more modern day song) but Faith of the Heart? which was originally from the Patch Adams soundtrack? Come on! But like I said, I it grows on you. [sigh]

Josh, Greg, and I created a new blog called Monkeytex for lack of any other name. It has something to do with Josh wanting to call it Monkeybutt and me watching a fish vortex on Blue Planet. I wish I could find a picture of the fish vortex online but I suppose I'll have to settle for a picture of a predatory tunicate for now. It's more cool-looking than freaky. Like some creature in Final Fantasy that water attacks you or puts you to sleep. But I could use lighting then to kill it. Haha, fucker! Take that!

predatory tunicate
Also, I forgot to mention there was this wicked looking fish thing that had enormous see-through eyes, no discernable pupils. I REALLY want a picture of that. Anyway, the new blog is still in its infant stage but so far it's turning into an erotic poetry outlet (as Greg and I sent Josh an erotic magnetic poetry set for Xmas). Maybe someday we'll form an erotic poetry site (is there already one?) and be really popular.

Recommended song of the day: "Caught in the Sun" by Course of Nature. It's generic but catchy. Sounds like "Lucky" (Seven Mary Three) sung by The Calling or Dishwalla (remember them?!). The Dishwalling.

Monday, January 28, 2002


I just watched some really fucked up shit on Blue Planet - the deep sea episode. Like this:
a deep sea angler
It's a real picture of a deep sea angler fish. Seriously. Like I said fucked up stuff. But it's so much more fucked up watching them in real life. The pictures do not do them their freaky freaky justice.
fang tooth
That's a fang tooth fish. I wish I could find some pictures of the other fucked up stuff I saw but I can't. Anyway, I highly recommend today's two episodes because I don't mind watching fish get eaten by other fish and mammals that look like fish (like dolphins). Except for the killer whales eating the grey whale. That was bad, very bad.
Remembered blog when IMing with other Jen! Writing is not agreeing with me today. Knitting is not agreeing with me either. Think I have invented new stitch with no discernable pattern other than knotting. Maybe I'll make a knot scarf which will be height of winter 2002 fashion. Then *I* will sit next to Boy George, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Madonna at Versace show in London and not Chelsea Clinton whose current claim to fame is her makeover. Which reminds me, want to see Count of Monte Cristo, which have heard is better than a Jenny Jones makeover show. Whee! Jim Cava- Cavava - Cavazavil* made over into Count and not just any count - the Count of Monte Cristo. Hopefully will see makeover movie tomorrow if circulatory system not entirely drained by then. Watched Blue Planet on Discovery with Greg last night. Cried when killer whales harrassed grey whales for six hours then drowned baby grey whale and ate it while mother grey whale was still trying to save it. Cried when polar bear ate starving, trapped beluga whale. Cried when starving mother polar bear failed to kill cute baby seal for hungry baby polar bear. Happy for baby seal who got away. Confused Greg terribly who asked which animal was I rooting for exactly. "It's not about choosing sides," I told him crossly. I do hate killer whales though. Killer whales are very cruel. Dolphins on the other hand are very clever creatures. Have not decided yet if I will watch the rest of the series.
*er, can not remember last name. Ever.
I was bored. I was procrastinating. I was hungry but there wasn't anything to eat, as usual. I created a blog. Now I'm bored. Still procrastinating. Hungry but more tired than hungry at this point and hoping my u* will fall out. But I have a blog. Hooray. Am now current with cyberculture. Good night's work. Time to attempt sleep and hope not to completely forget about blog by tomorrow.
*indicates root of monthly curmudgeony